Market Intelligence

Harmonized view of all internal, external, and public data sources that gets you to better insights and decisions

Market Share and Competitive Intel

Get a granular picture of market share, product fit, performance vs market, and competitors to make targeted pricing and promotion decisions

ROI Analysis

Understand and compare the profitability impact to your end customers from your products. Let the data drive the purchase decision for your customers.

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SAles performance

Better, faster decision making

A standardized platform across regional and global business segments to measure – price, volume, market share, market health etc. 

Completely configurable Sales Enablement Platform built from the ground up for Ag. 

Built for Enterprise

Enterprise-Grade Data Security

Aggio’s customers get a totally isolated instance conforming to the latest encryption and ISO 27001 standards. We can seamlessly integrate our software with your authentication system using Single Sign-On, as well as connect with your internal system via an API connection.

Highly Configurable

Out of the box systems often require extensive customization to be applicable for each business unit/market. Our platform is 100% configurable to tailor it to the need of the customer right from the start.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

We understand the real work begins after deployment and we are there with you to meet you and your customers needs as the business dynamics change.

Data Trust

Our core expertise in data harmonization and data integration processes ensures that you never doubt the integrity of the data shown to a customer.