About Aggio

Developing cutting edge cloud technology for the agriculture industry

Our story and vision

Our background is rooted in the application of technologies that drive data-driven decision making in the agriculture industry.

We aspire to transform the agriculture industry by developing a specialized SaaS business platform that turns data into action.

Our team
Meet Our Team
Dimitri Popov, Aggio Co-Founder & Ceo

Dimitri Popov

Co-Founder & CEO

Saurabh Bharadwaj, Aggio Co-Founder & President

Saurabh Bharadwaj

Co-Founder & President

Nate Adams, Aggio Senior Developer

Nate Adams

Technical Lead

Lauren Mcwhorter, Aggio Data Engineer

Lauren McWhorter

Lead Data Engineer

Danelle Hee

Technical Product Manager
Kory Hendrickson, Aggio Sr Business Development Manager

Kory Hendrickson

Sr Business Development Manager

Caitlyn Priese, Aggio Software Developer

Caitlyn Priese

Senior Software Developer

Christina Conley, Aggio Software Developer

Christina Conley

Software Developer
Allan Shivji, Aggio Software Developer

Allan Shivji

Software Developer

Paul Lehmann

Software Developer

Kewal Kothari

Data Engineer

Medha Nagaraj

Associate Product Manager

Raj Singh

ISO Compliance Officer/Project Manager

Mengyuan Lin, Aggio Data Analyst

Mengyuan Lin

Data Analyst

Andrew Fung, Aggio Data Analyst Intern

Andrew Fung

Data Analyst Intern