The B2B CUSTOMER FACING platform for the digital age

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Engage and identify customers

Digital Customer Engagement

Engage with the customer digitally by bringing all customer-related content in one view. Create a customized view for any of your accounts.

Account Planning


Enable your customer’s goals by identifying mutual opportunities. Bottom-up Account Planning with each customer.

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Enable your customer to access all data related to your products and services that matter most to them

CRM Integration

Integrate Aggio with your CRM to provide a seamless experience to the end-user.

CRM Integration
Account Planning

A business platform that turns data into action


Reduction in Call Prep time

Reduction in Time to complete account plans

Increased interaction with the customer

Standardization of the account management process across the organization

The Customer Facing platform for the digital age.

Built for Enterprise

Enterprise-Grade Data Security

Aggio’s customers get a totally isolated instance conforming to the latest encryption and ISO 27001 standards. We can seamlessly integrate our software with your authentication system using Single Sign-On, as well as connect with your internal system via an API connection.

Highly Configurable

Out of the box systems often require extensive customization to be applicable for each business unit/market. Our platform is 100% configurable to tailor it to the need of the customer right from the start.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

We understand the real work begins after deployment and we are there with you to meet you and your customers needs as the business dynamics change.

Data Trust

Our core expertise in data harmonization and data integration processes ensures that you never doubt the integrity of the data shown to a customer.