Aggio, LLC is a fast-growing enterprise SaaS (Software as a Service) company with a mission to transform the agriculture industry by building sales and marketing applications that help our customers make better, more effective decisions.

Software (Full Stack) Developer

Aggio, LLC is looking for a Software (Full Stack) Developer to design, develop, enhance, and maintain Aggio’s current Cloud platform for agriculture and animal healthcare industries in developing new features and improving server/backend codebase to refactor existing code for faster data retrieval. As a Software (Full Stack) Developer, you will perform the following duties:

• Plan, design, and review technical code of backend and frontend architecture so the application has high performance and good stability;
• Design and develop new GraphQL API endpoints to implement queries to the PostgreSQL database;
• Develop simple and easy-to-use user interfaces using technologies like React, Redux, Redux-sagas, Firebase Authentication, and handle backend CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations using Node.js, Express.js, and PostgreSQL;
• Ensure a good coding standard is followed across entire application and remove redundant code;
• Ensure the web app works on all clients-required various screen sizes (mobile, tablet, desktop), as well as maintain compatibility for different browsers;
• Test and evaluate all the newly created functionality on the frontend and backend and make sure it can handle all kinds of data and the frontend components behave correctly in all cases; retesting and iterating as necessary until the code is error free;
• Write and implement efficient high-quality code, determine operational practically and develop quality assurance procedures;
• Deploy apps via Google Cloud Platform (GCP), implement security measures and deployment process and metrics;
• Build/Write reusable GraphQL API endpoints and React components can be used for future use; and
• Write high quality React virtualization code and implement object-oriented programming and data structure algorithms to handle large amount of data, and make sure this data does not slow down the web application.

What we are looking for:

• Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a closely related field.

Our Cultures & Values:

At Aggio we strive to create a positive atmosphere by practicing the following:

• Always DO THE RIGHT THING: for our customers, employees, partners, and our environment.
• Be TRANSPARENT: Build trust through transparency.
• Be a TEAM PLAYER: We work together, win and fail together. We don’t tolerate jerks.
• Take OWNERSHIP & ACCOUNTABILITY: We are rewarded based on what we get done and not just what we do.
• Choose SUCCESS BEFORE PERFECTION: Execute with agility.
• Aim HIGHER: Shoot for the stars.