Aggio is a fast-growing enterprise SaaS (Software as a Service) company with a mission to transform the agriculture industry by building sales and marketing applications that help our customers make better, more effective decisions.

Our Culture & Values

At Aggio we strive to create a positive atmosphere by practicing the following:

  • Always DO THE RIGHT THING: for our customers, employees, partners, and our environment.

  • Be TRANSPARENT: Build trust through transparency.

  • Be a TEAM PLAYER: We work together, win and fail together. We don't tolerate jerks.

  • Take OWNERSHIP & ACCOUNTABILITY: We are rewarded based on what we get done and not just what we do.

  • Choose SUCCESS BEFORE PERFECTION: Execute with agility.

  • Aim HIGHER: Shoot for the stars.

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Tel: +1 (314) 594-7178

Aggio Headquarters

1100 Corporate Square Dr.

Suite 243

St. Louis, MO 63132

Aggio New Jersey

318 Main Street, #36
Madison, NJ 07940


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